10 June 1936 r.American breed Kennel Club recognized the Staffordshire terrier, has approved the opening of books published standard. From now on we can speak of the official existence of the new breed. 1 January 1972 has been changed to r.nazwa american staffordshire terrier, terrier, in order to differentiate from the English amstaffów staffordshire bul terierów. In 1936 r.staffordshire terrier was recognized by the FCI. Each of these dates could mean the emergence of new breed, commonly known as the Amstaff. In establishing the history of any race ever, the question arises of how far we have to reach back in time? This raises the danger of reaching a common dog "ancestor." Keep in mind that the further we want to reach, the greater the danger przekłamań and flexibility. It should be noted that our purpose in life was a struggle hero. It was not such as to preserve the species, but only to meet the lowest human instincts. Krwiożerczość cause of human nature, that the dogs have tried to govern encoded killing, resistance to pain and wounds. Let's concentrate on England, whose ancestors come Amstaff.o_rasie_amstaff Most were there to fight animals. Subscribers of these bloody games recruited from different social strata. Initially pursued dog fight with other animals, such as lwami, niedźwiedziami or bulls that a little later to develop into a dog fight. Unfortunately, the latter in more or less explicit form, survived until now (with regret to be noted that this proceder grown is of course illegal in Poland). In 1835 the parliament passed a law prohibiting all animals walk. Nevertheless, the fight is still organized. As a result of the banning of animals and walk about the "descent into the underworld", the increasing popularity began to enjoy the fighting dogs. This has led to a desire to obtain a new breed of larger values than those fighting that characterized the dogs present on the arenas - BULDOGI. In the years 1820-1830 dogs fought to the arenas, to be determined by "Pit". Dogs used for fighting were also define as the "Pit". This name has survived to the present. Dogs were fighting under different names: and bull terrier, pit dog, pit bull terrier, half and half. In most of these names is a second component encoded AMSTAFF the future, or rather a whole group of breeds of dogs considered to be combat-terrier dogs. At this end the "island" part of history amstaffów. Between 1860-1870 the first pit bull teriery goes to America, where he quickly gain the title of best dog fighting - the best pit - dog ".Gladiatorzy ringów war in their dealings with a man surprises his gentleness. We have successfully kept by the children. At the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries began breeding Pit Bull'i take organized form. In 1898 in Kalamazow in Michigan, as a result of efforts CB Bennta first assumed the herd book, rules were developed, and the dog walk, the existing to date, "United Kennel Club." In 1900, banned in the U.S. to organize dog fighting. The ban, however, remained only on paper. Breeder clearly divided into two groups. Some were anxious, despite the formal prohibition, the Pit Bull'a to create more and better tools for killing, while a minority of others, wanted to transform Pit'a in an ideal dog for company. The fight for change in the image of Pit Bull'a was strongly impeded by the commitment of Americans histeryczne directly to its current role. In 1936 the breed was recognized by the AKC under the name "American Staffordshire Terrier". Separated from the dog fighting exhibition. wiatowa_wystawa_2006_350Attachment to traditions and different perspective on the role of dogs has led to the many farmers remain faithful old name "Pit", with no intention to register their dogs in AKC.

There are still members of UKC. Between 50 pity is temporarily recorded in the AKC as Amstaffy. In addition to the difference between today's psychology Amstaff'em a Pit'em is very subtle. Often, an outstanding exhibition wins AKC Amstaff and in a few days later in the exhibition is a UKC Pit. Keepers of the U.S. claim that everyone can be Amstaff Pit'em, but not everyone can be Amstaff Pit. On the European continent Amstaffy arrived quite late. Although born in 1966 sumi's Black Bandit was the first Champion of Germany, but German for the first litter have had to wait until 1972 when he was born in the breeding of MON Amour, Peter Mickiewicz. Name of farm owner proves his Polish origin, and this is probably the first, a loose association Amstaff'ów of Poland. In the period 1980-1990 has increased the number ofspontaneous Amstaff'ów in Poland. Dogs przbywały both to the existing breeding other breeds, sometimes pre-empting the change in specialization, as well as becoming the basis for the new farm. Finally I would like to add that the dogs no matter whether the race should be equally loved mongrel. Then I will not be so many shelters and homeless dogs. And the way that some people should learn from the behavior of some dogs.